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  • Aura Smart Sleep System
  • Aura Smart Sleep System


Aura Smart Sleep System




The Withings Aura is designed to monitor and improve the quality of your sleep, making the most of a proven correlation between light wavelengths and the secretion of melatonin. Withings technology combines a contact-free sleep sensor tucked under the mattress, a dynamic bedside device utilizing light, temperature and sound programs and a smartphone app.

By morning, your night's data has been synced, analyzed and turned into a graph showcasing the stages of each of your sleep cycles - light, deep and REM. Key sleep quality indicators such as duration of sleep, time it took to fall asleep, number of wake-ups are also monitored and recorded. The Smart Alarm gently wakes you at the best time of you sleep cycle. All this, plus a dedicated program for power napping provide a stress-free wake-up experience and aims to give you a head start on a healthy, successful day!

Feature Specifications

  • Intuitive touch control bedside light
  • Light, temperature and sound programs
  • Contact-free under mattress sensor
  • Dedicated programs designed to help you doze off
  • Hi-Fi audio speaker
  • Included App tracks and measures sleep-related statistics
  • Smart alarm

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