AM Labs Mist Screen Cleaner

All-in-one Spray & Cloth for small devices

SKU: AM 85512-12


Available Colors


Portable All-in-one

The compact design includes a microfibre cloth covering the outside of the bottle, simply spray and wipe.

Antibacterial Cleaner

One spray will remove 99.9% of common household bacteria with a single wipe.

Powerful Microfiber Cloth

The gentle and washable microfiber cloth easily clears away smudges, dirt, dust and fingerprints from screens.


The AM Mist antibacterial all-in-one spray & microfiber cloth is made for phones, laptops and tablet screens. Its portable and refillable design is wrapped in gentle, washable microfiber cloth giving you streak free cleaning without the use of alcohol or aggressive chemicals. The refillable bottle contains 10.5 ml. / 0.36 Oz, enough for 105 cleaning actions.